How It Works

We are offering a long list of sound clips that can be used for your video production as soundtrack material.

How much do the sound clips cost?
All sound clips on this website that are being used for TV productions (i.e. Journalistic productions, TV programs) are offered completely free of charge. You may use any of them. Download one, or download all of them.

ONLY the sound clips that are being used for commercial purposes (i.e. advertisements, youtube, feature film productions) must be properly licensed. You can purchase a license online and receive your license instantly.

How do I get a commercial license for a sound clip?
You only need a license for commercial applications such as commercials, YouTube, feature film, entertainment content. Getting a license is very easy: you can purchase a license online here and you will receive your license instantly.

Can soundclips be changed?
Yes. You may find that you need a clip slightly shorter or longer. Or maybe you would like some minor changes to one clip. Let us know and we can make the modification just the way you like it.

Do you provide custom sound clips?
Yes. Many times a video producer is looking for a certain mood-piece. Or a certain punctuation or rythm. We can provide custom composed audio material made to your specifications. Custom made sound clips are composed and made to order and incure a charge.

Can you deliver custom audio files quickly?
Yes. Absolutely. In as little as a few hours we can provide you with the first samples. We use Skype (origin.records) as a way to easily communicate. This way we can understand the application and what the sound clip is needed for and provide you with a perfect sound file.

Do you offer high quality audio files?
Yes, of course. We offer audio files in all audio file formats such as MP3, AAC, FLAC, OGG, WAV, AIF or WMA and more. The clips on the site are MP3/44.1KHz at the highest resolution.

Do you protect the video producers original material?
Yes. Of course we do. Many times a major film production will release proprietary video material during the post production process to us so we can provide custom sound files. As part of our confidential cooperation we regularly sign Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA)