Hanno di Rosa

is a native of Berlin, Germany and an award winning musician and film artist with a long history of creative works. Hanno knows how to play such diverse instruments as Guitar, Bass, Oud, Kanoun, Flute, Keyboard, Percussion or the Trautonium.

He started his musical career at the Hochschule für Musik Graz (Austria) and finished at the world famous Berklee College of Music Boston (USA). Spending time in the USA and Italy during the 80s he performed with some of the most famous musicians and bands in the world.

In 1994 Hanno founded Origin Records label and publishing company.

Later part of Hanno´s creative process became extensive work in the television and film industry as camera operator and author. It was at that time that Hanno developed his composing skills in combination with his journalistic video experiences. Having had a formal education in music he could now apply his vast experience to the field of television, film and video production.

Today Hanno di Rosa represents the latest cutting edge of film and video sound composition. He regularly collaborates with some of the most well known film producers in the world and continues to leave his mark in the music and film industry.

Custom composition

of sound clips is available in two ways:

1.Based on the producers detailed requirements we provide various custom composed sound clips and continue to refine them until the perfect final clip has been produced.

2. Customization of the existing catalogue tracks, shorter or longer versions, remixing and other variations are available on short notice. We are used to tight production schedules; some of our custom audio work can be done in as little as a few hours!

The Music Library on this website is constantly updated in “New Arrivals”. All files are in High Quality mp3 Format. 48KHz WAV or AIF files are available on request. Most tracks are around one minute. Longer versions are available on request